Zotheia is a planet in the solar system which contains life, and is the planet of origin for the Aphrions. Despite most life being extinct on the planet due to the Mancer War, it still has survivors who struggle to stay alive in the barren world.

There is multiple species among the Aphrions, but the Aphrions still remain dominant due to intellegence.

History Edit

Zotheia has faced many mass extinctions events, all of which the Aphrions managed to survive due to their extreme adaptability. A species, named Mancers, also nearly destroyed the planet in an attempt to "share" the planet with Aphrions.

The planet eventually lost most of it's life, except for the Aphrions and a few other species.

The planet itself has extreme weather conditions and an extremely toxic atmosphere due to it's wars and all of the troubles the planet has faced.

Common Fauna Edit

Pure Aph

Casually dressed Aphrion.

Aphrions Edit

Aphrions are the dominant species on the planet. Despite the constant wars the planet has suffered, Aphriosn managed to survive with their extreme adaptability and their natural engineering skills.

They, unlike the other species, have sapience and are extremely quick thinkers.

CRE Gruffosan-14e9cbcb ful


Gruffosanians Edit

They are bird-like bipedal creatures that roam the barren deserts of Zotheia. They are tall, and are sometimes used as rides by Aphrions.

CRE Guarfodon-14e9cbca sml


Guarfodonian Edit

They are raptor-like bipedal creatures that are found in high places such as mountians. They are herbivores, but have a menacing appearance.

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