"My town is running out of food since last winter, we are running out of resources!"

-Zerlinda to Aviur.


Backstory Edit

She was a normal Creoxian Hunter of her cave town who found herself with someone else named Aviur. She visited his town, and they became freinds.

After the UAA was formed, she decided to occasionally visit Aviur to comfort him.

Bio Edit

She is grumpy mostly, barely goes outside of town unless its important. She only likes being near Aviur because, you know, he is a total hunk.

Theme Song: Mylo - Drop The Pressure

Name: Zerlinda Adirah Advagah

Nickname: Zerlinda

Age: (Unknown)

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Straight. Duh.

Home: a cave town in Gravita.

Race: Aphrion

Gender: Female

Allies: Aviur.

Powers: Force.

Family Members: (Unknown)

Weapons: Shotgun.

Loves: Aviur is hot ('u')

Likes: Aviur's Abs... and his everything.

Dislikes: Not being near Aviur (cuz he is hunk), when she is starving.

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