The Zealotian Assault Force is a military composed of a few different species that were tormented by both the Combine and Human Resistance, and is a third party to the conflict. After the Combine Invasion was over, the alien species decided to organize themselves and establish themselves as an actual nation. Along with that, they had a military and had gained a governer. Zack, a former G-A prisoner, escaped and had established himself as the governer.

Compared to the G-A, they have a really big disadvantage in numbers, resources, and territory.

Their main base is located on the Gravitarian Islands.

Units Edit

Soldiers Edit


Aphrion soldier.

The Soldiers are one of the strongest in the ZAF military. They are equipped with a SCAR-H and a Standard Shield. They are usually rebellious Aphrions who decided to leave Gravita and join ZAF.

They are well equipped with extra ammo, and nightvision helmets.

Shock Troopers Edit

The Shock Troopers are the most intelligent of the ZAF military. Physically, they are bipedal with four arms and have a somewhat hunch-backed posture. Their bodies are covered in plate-like sections, similar in appearance to insect exoskeletons, and their skin is pale blue.

Soldier Shock Trooper

Shock trooper.

They usually are equipped with a Standard Shield, and a SCAR-H.

Shock Troopers also have the ability to regurgitate and throw spore grenades, which they tend to use against distant or concealed enemies. Their mask allows it to pass through with more toxicity and radiation levels, as it does not harm the Shock Trooper.

Weapons Edit

Soldier 3


Standard Issue Shield Edit

Shields are used for blocking incoming attacks. They are durable, steel shields decorated with some kind of symbol in the middle, which the meaning of it is unknown.

It is commonly used by soldiers and shock troopers.

Soldier 2



The SCAR-H is a semi-automatic 30-round weapon that is manufactured by the ZAF. It is their primary weapon, being used in combat since the end of the combine invasion.

It is used primarily by soldiers and shock troopers.

Vehicles Edit

Leopard Mech Edit

ZENIAN Leopard-0

The Leopard Mech is a kind of tripod mech that is controlled by Shock Troopers, and is the ZAF's response to the G-A Mechs. They are kind of slow, but are durable and strong when it comes to fire power.

The Leopard Mech, unlike any of the G-A Mechs, is a tripod, and sort of resembles a Strider. They are evenly matched with the Sidewinder, Justifier, and Striker.

ZENIAN Ravager-0

Ravager Mech Edit

The Ravager is a mech controlled by Shock Troopers.

They are the main mechs of the ZAF. They are equipped with plasma charge cannons that cause massive damage within a certain radius.

Firefly Mech Edit

ZENIAN Firefly-1

The Firefly Mech is a mech designed for quick assault and hunting down enemies, piloted by shock troopers.

They are quick, heavy, and durable.

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