Xath Raikun in his Common Equip.

Hey, I'll be adding all of the information as my unknown character becomes more vast.

Basic InformationEdit

Name : Xath Raikun

Usual Equip : Wither Armor, Diamond Longsword or Scythe

Age : 16

Race : 1/4th Demonic, 3/4ths Minecraftian.

Can Fist-Fight or fight with ANY weaponry. Best fighting with Sword or Scythe.


Xath was abandoned at 4 years of age, and was raised by a warrior until the age of 9, in which he was released to the world. He roamed the world for quite a while on his own and still roams on his own today, but anyways he spent most of his life until now killing monsters and selling loot, he bought food and salvaged it from animals too. His life was kind of boring until he came to an ancient temple. The rest is unknown.

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