Event no. 23-1


Greenfield Password: * * * * * *

History recieved.

Event 23-1 started when the 1st reborn used the event to save Markia I. He used the 7 Legend as the 7 keys and his Staff of Light as his main key. The result was a power unreachable by anyone. Markia I grew into a peaceful and nature-friendly country until a war breaks the main central power station. Everyone was forced to make Markia II. the 2nd One succeeded. Another war breaks out, and everything happened again. They made Markia III under Destroia-TriState. They created a festival for the Event.


1. The One must stab the key to the correct ground at a full moon.

2. The One and his/her companions must follow the trail to find the 7 keys.

3. After obtaining the 7 keys, The One must run back to the main key and stab the other keys to the ground around the main key.

4. The One must sacrifice one of his/her companions before the Blood Moon comes.

5. Once the Blood Moon arrives, The One will remove the main key and stab himself.


The man who has died 5 times will perform the step, for the major of the earth.

A ruby will fall.

The moon will be the witness.

Everyone will be the part. 

The Mark will be safe

There will be a [CUT OFF]


  • "The man who has died 5 times" is Justin.
  • "the moon will be the witness" is Lun.
  • "Everyone will be the part" means everyone will notice this event.
  • There are 2 parts with no meaning yet.

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