"I'm the admin you tried to kill. But you didn't... I thought you would be much smarter by now. But turns out, you are as dumb as you were before you had your rank revoked."

-Wilfur to Trouble.

Backstory Edit


He is one of the surviving admins from the first days of the server, with plans to destroy the current team of admins after his team was replaced. He is filled with hate due to the fact that Trouble is still alive and as an admin, even though he revoked his rank long ago. He also tried looking out for the other admins of his team, and take their places back as admins, but the plan backfired.

Bio  Edit

He was one of the admins that took Trouble's rank. He was the best admin and he was always loyal to the owner. He, unlike the other admins, was more polite but would go crazy when angered.

Name: "Wilfur"

Nickname: Wilfur, God Of Warfare.

Age: 25 /  Born: 12 September 1990

Status: Alive

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: The Everlasting Temple.

Race: God/Admin

Gender: Unknown. (Seemingly male.)

Allies: Solfara, Apoloris, Polaria, and Flunareo. (All former admins.)

Powers: Teleportation, Enhanced fighting abilities, and very fast speed.

Family Members: None.

Weapons: The Wildfire, The War Halberd.

Loves: Unknown.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Second Form Edit

His second form is unknown.

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