Citadel star

West Owl is located in the center of Gravita and the only city under control by Aphrions. It was the main city of Gravita for a short while due to the surrounding cities being way too destroyed and polluted. Notable example being the former capital Gravity City. During the Combine Invasion, the city was partially destroyed and the military was defeated. Afterwards, the Combine sent their own Citadel and left Eon Bite to control the city. It was renamed to City 45 for a short moment until the uprising. After a notable increase in uprisings, Eon Bite could not be trusted as a leader by the Advisors, and they attempted to get rid of him. Eon Bite was able to defeat the Advisors and eventually led the Uprising in West Owl, which was succesful. The Citadel managed to stay and Eon Bite became the governer. They "reprogrammed" the Synths to be on their side. They also stayed with most of the Combine weapons, which made their military stay very strong. They kept some Combine vehicles and some of the old armour from the old military. Eon Bite started an official military named the G-A and decided to use the synths to capture some land from the surrounding wasteland to rebuild it. Succesfully defeating Alphabot and other remaining rogue bots, they started rebuilding what was left.

Westowl logo

The logo.

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