Vital statistics
Position Bartender
Age Unknown (sounds and acts around 20-25)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'10"
Power Pokémon Moves
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Love interests None

Personality and Behavior Edit

Vyona is usually pretty quiet, not usually speaking unless absolutely necessary. She is quite good at manipulation, mostly by using her so-called 'beauty' to her advantage. This has affected her personality partially, and because of that she can be rather flirty occasionally, especially when drunk.


  • Due to working at a bar for several years, she's acquired quite a taste for alcohol. She mostly likes wine and other such fruity-tasting alcoholic beverages, but she isn't against drinking heavier stuff such as vodka or brandy.
  • Despite the fact that she isn't exactly talkative, she still enjoys striking up conversations with people.
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  • Other people fighting; she's been working at a bar for so long that she's kind of gotten tired of having to deal with two or more people beating the shit out of each other, drunk or not.
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History / Backstory Edit


Present Day / Current Life Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Her Pokémon Moveset:

  • Solar Blade (sends out a crescent-moon shaped beam that deals a large amount of damage)
  • Sleep Powder (sends out spores that puts the target to sleep after a very short amount of time)
  • Cotton Guard (drastically increases her defense)
  • Grassy Terrain (restores a little HP of all allies temporarily)

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Some of Vyona's traits, especially her occasional flirtiness and manipulation prowess, are based on the cartoon trope that female mantises (which Lurantis is based on) are typically portrayed as femme fatales.

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