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Voxel's always been a normal Eevee. She was raised by her fellow Eevee and in some forest and sent off into the world. However, one day while drinking from a lake, she got attacked by a Scyther. It was a hard battle, but she managed to beat him. But, she was serverly damaged. But she kept strong and made it up a tree to get oran berries. Which, healed her back to full HP. She's gone on with the rest of her life, eating berries, drinking from lakes, getting into the occasional battle or two. People have tried to catch her, but always failed. She loves traveling and does it all the time. She's always on the move!


Name: Voxel

Nickname:(You get to choose them! :D)

Level: 18

Status: Alive

Orientation: Heterosexual

Home: Unnamed Forest

Species Eevee

Gender: Female

Friends: None

Family Members: Unnamed Eevees

Likes: Berries(Especially Oran), Spring Water, Battling, Traveling, Happiness, Poke Puffs.

Dislikes: Unhappiness, Spicy Poke Puffs, Staying in one place for too long, Trainer's who tried to capture her she does not see as worthy, losing a battle, D-bags.


Voxels a nice, sweet, Eevee. She loves battling and traveling, which are her two favorite things. She's sometimes arrogant though, thinking she's better than she actually is. She prefers no pokeball, even if she has no trainer. She's just generally a nice Pokemon to be around. And she strives to make Pokemon and humans happy. She'd only want to be captured by someone she sees worthy.


  • Tackle (Normal)
  • Tail Whip (Normal)
  • Swift (Normal)
  • Bite (Dark)

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