Vampires (Homo michaelis) are a human-like species that have become famous in popular media.


During the early days of humanity, a select group of humans prayed to the Archangel Michael for assistance in their survival. The Archangel granted their wishes by bestowing upon them certain abilities that aided in their survival, but also some attributes that hindered their lives. Of course, the vampires soon acclimated to their new lives and spread throughout the world.


Vampires appear to be much like humans, but there are some differences that can be noted. Vampires' skin is deathly pale, due to their natural lack of melanin. Vampires' eyes can only be different shades of the colour red, and are classified in three categories: maroon, crimson, and scarlet. While not scientifically proven, there has been a trend that those with maroon eyes are the most violent of vampires, while those with scarlet are the mildest. All vampires have black hair as well.


  • Vampires age five times slower than humans.
    • This means that a vampire who has been alive for 40 years is the equivalent of an eight-year-old human child.
    • This is considered by many vampires to be a curse.
  • Vampires have no blood.
    • They do, however, require blood to survive, but not nearly as much as other animals.
    • Therefore, they feed off of animals' blood to live. Any kind of animal blood will do.
  • Vampires are fatally sensitive to the sun and fire.
    • Their skin completely lacks melanin, making it impossible for them to resist ultraviolet radiation.
    • Adding that to a number of other unknown reasons, vampires cannot handle UV radiation, and begin to burn after only 5-10 minutes.
  • Vampires do not need to eat to live.
    • Vampires get everything they need from the blood they drink.
    • Many vampires do eat, though, simply because they can.
  • Vampires have a powerful regenerative ability.
    • They can heal themselves from gunshot wounds, cuts, etc. remarkably quickly, usually over the course of minutes.
    • This ability does not always work, though, as in the case of Nikolai Delarosa: he was shot repeatedly in the chest and head.
  • The vampire condition can be spread through DNA.
    • If at any point a vampire's DNA is implanted into a normal human's, that human will become a vampire.
    • This can happen with anything from biting to having sex.
  • The vampire's gestation period resembles the standard human's, but takes only half as long.

List of Known Vampires

  • Nikolai Delarosa (deceased)
  • Circe Delarosa (deceased)
  • Luna Delarosa
  • Felix Wolfe

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