Who is this beautiful girl? Valeree, one of the most educated, strongest, and the most prettiest, she is not a regular female.


Name: Valeree

Age: 21

Height: 5'8

Weight: ????

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Orange

Race: Elsword

Birthday: October 6, ????

Allies: Elswords, Archians

Enemies: Strangers, anyone who poses a threat

Aliases: Beautiful, Val


Valeree was raised in a strict household, but she didn't mind. When she turned 7, her mother put her in her first Elsword Martial Arts (EMA) class. She did well and beat many of her classmates in sparring. When she turned 10 she perfected the art of EMA, setting the record of the youngest female individual who ever perfected the art.

When she turned 18 she graduated from High School and had dreams of becoming an EMA Teacher, however, because of the rising amount of Elsians, she decided to join the Anti-Elsian Organization (AEO) led by Rhys Shell and Robert Hendrix. Most of the time she would get the highest Elsian kill count.

At the age of 21, she is now a trusted AEO operative working secretly to eliminate not only Elsians, but those who threaten the world. She is also one of the strongest.


Valeree is always serious when it comes to strangers. Most of the time, strangers attempt to talk to her because of her beauty, supporting the fact that her prettiness attracts most guys, most of the time Valeree rejects. She resorts to violence when assaulted.

Whenever she is with friends, she is also a loving Elsword, taking care of them as if they were relatives.


Being put in EMA at the age of 7, and mastering the art, she is the most skilled Martial Artist. She taught Rena the "Upside-Down-Double-Kick," a move that was taught by her EMA Teacher.

Many of her attacks can result in broken limbs. She also uses a variety of weapons, such as melee weapons, swords, knives, and rarely firearms.

She has two Elsword Puffs named "Deva" and "Stator." What's unique about them is that when both names are combined, they spell "Devastator. Their strength is almost as equal to Valeree's.

Theme SongEdit

GTA V Dynamic Score - Hood Safari02:52

GTA V Dynamic Score - Hood Safari

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