Reymond Borktruck is Christopher Johnson(A.K.A. the Catkiller)'s cousin,is good at blind fights and shooting,and was a person that worked to a crime 2003,he began his crime job by finding a person putting a box full of guns inside a truck.when the person saw him,Reymond ran away,trying to escape.but he got shot in the foot,and falled.the person said that if Reymond didn't wanted to die,he had to enter the crime team.Amd since that day,Reymond began to stole guns,diamonds,and even drugs to keep 2008,the crime team said he had to kill his parents.he didn't wanted to,but he didn't got a better choice.he killed his parents and since that day,the crime team lived on his 2010,Reymond was totally insane,because of everything he did,and then,he entered his room,got a knife,and cutted his eyeballs.and then,everyone heard him make a insane laugh.Some cops heard that laugh,and entered the room,where the crime team and the cops opened fire.Reymond got his knife,and behind the cops,he cutted their neck's,one by one.the crime team stoped shooting,and Reymond came closer to they,and in a unexpected way,made the same thing with they.since that day,he began killing people by no a day,Reymond got caught by some cops,and putted in the "Fhoun's Asylum".in a day in the asylum,he began calling himself "The Eyeless".

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