The United Earth Federation or more commonly known as the UEF is a faction that represents the evolution of human technology. They seek to reunite the Earth Empire, which as splintered and spread throughout galaxies due to the Infinite War. Unlike the Cybran or Aeon, the HUF relies on classic warfare: battle tanks, missiles, and bullets. Though these battle machines have been upgraded to take down the futuristic opponents the Infinite War offers.

The HUF Armored Command Unit, the massive mech that the Commander pilots in battle.


The Beginning of the Infinite WarEdit

During the 33rd century, the old Earth Empire collapsed. The increasing amount of Illuminate, an Aeon group that has severed their connection to the philosophy The Way, has been growing within the shadows of Earth Empire civilization and had made their move. They had taken down the pre-war Earth Government and threw it out of balance, ushering a "New World Order" and made plans to expand this rule throughout the galaxy.

With the Illuminate continuing the rise and take down other planets part of the Earth Empire, the UEF threw aside old rivalries with other humans and created the UEFTogether, they created new technology and upgraded various pre-war battle machines, such as tanks. They upgraded the helicopter into a Gunship, an aerial assault machine that runs on hover technology.

Eventually, the UEF pushed the boundaries of standard human technology and created Assault Bots, robots that walk on two legs and have two arms, resembling a human. Soon, the Illuminate spread their rule so far into the galaxy that it disturbed the Cybran Nation and the Aeon, two factions that were once peaceful. Now, with the Infinite War bringing them into it, the two factions rose up and began to attack the Illuminate. However, they also began attacking the UEF. Eventually, it began an all out war, with the every faction attacking another.

List of CommandersEdit

Commander Zachary Arnold: A devoted soldier, he began training for the military when he was 17. He eventually rose up through the ranks and became one of the most highly anticipated Commanders in the UEF.

Commander Samantha Clarke: This female HUF soldier is one of the most loyal and devoted soldiers in the War. People see her as a "god" in war and she is feared by many.

Commander Dominic Maddox: A young soldier, he started training at the age of 21. He slowly became a Commander and was deployed in various battles against various factions.

Commander Michelle Aiko: Michelle Aiko began training at the age of 18. She eventually became a Commander and was deployed in various battles.

Commander Fletcher: Fletcher is a legendary soldier. He is a veteran and served in many wars. He is one of the most famous Commanders in the HUF because of his tactis and war effort.

Theme SongEdit

Supreme Commander United earth federation music03:47

Supreme Commander United earth federation music

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