"It's a mix between Iron-Man and Falcon.

..That's not very creative.

I know,but who the hell cares? It's badass each way!"-Stan telling Raphael about his hero identity.

Stan H. Gray (A.K.A. Tronic Wings) it's a rocker,Marvel fan,and engineer. He made his wings after his "Kronter Launcher" was stole by The German Nightmare. He also has a robot arm.

Information Edit

Name: Stan Howard Gray.

Age: Between 17 and 18.

Status: Alive.

Likes:Rock,Marvel,creating machines,girls,parties.

Dislikes:All his enemies,racist people,his haters.


Quotes Edit

"Ouch,man,what is your head made of,Adamantium?"-Stan,after trying to do a headbutt in The German Nightmare.

"!!....That was pretty obvious."-Stan,after discovering The German Nightmare is actually a person that got exploded during his tests with the Kronter Laucher.

"What about Nightwing?

DC already uses that name.

Ok,what about Bird?

DC uses that too.

Ok,Ok,what,Tronic Wings!


Ok,i'll use that name!"-Stan and Raphael,talking about Stan's hero identity name.

Galery Edit


Iron Man 3 Soundtrack - 20 Can You Dig It - End Credits By Brian Tyler02:44

Iron Man 3 Soundtrack - 20 Can You Dig It - End Credits By Brian Tyler

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