Trevor Devis
Trevor Devis
Vital statistics
Position Traveller
Age 29
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power N/A
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown

"My name is Trevor Devis."
~ Trevor Devis, introducing himself to William
Trevor Devis is a supporting character in the comic Herobrine.

Events of Herobrine Edit

William met Trevor in a crossroad asking him if he knows where is the nearest town, Trevor tells him the nearest town is Carnas and eventually offers to lead him there. Trevor comes across William's two zombie friends, Ted and Zef, and is frightened by them but William reassures him telling that they are his friends and are harmless. Despite William's saying, Trevor is still skeptical about the two zombies but he agrees to lead them all to Carnas.

On the way, Trevor and William introduce themselves to each other, and after the latter told Trevor about his father's death, Trevor extends his sympathy to him. Zef eventually gets tired and sits at the foot of a tree to rest, slowing down the group, which annoys Trevor. Eventually, William manages to motivate Zef to keep going. However, as they start walking again, they are ambushed by a group of bandits whom the leader requests all of their money and personal objects of great value. Trevor says they have nothing except food, so the bandits' leader thinks about taking them as hostages until Mike Saika, a mercenary, arrives and takes out five bandits making flee the rest of them. After necessary introductions, the group continues its way towards Carnas.

Personality Edit

Trevor is quite impatient as shown when Zef was tired on the way towards Carnas and forced to stop walking much to Trevor's annoyance, or when Mike was introducing himself to William and Trevor reminded the latter that they needed to reach Carnas as fast as possible.

Despite this, Trevor is devoted to help people in need as he accepted to lead William to the nearest town.

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