Dr.thief and his robot

dr.thief and his robot.(the things right down there are not d***s.)

The thief leader

the thief leader

The thieves

just a normal thief..

The Thieves are...thieves.they do thief things.some of they are friendly and don't work to the leader.


"an archian?solding her was gonna give me MORE than just money!"

"so,where is the money?"

"uh?where does that -[censored]- goes?"

"wow,look!a idiot girl!"

"nice try!i'm strong!"

Friendly thieves Edit

Not all the thieves are evil.and some of they don't like is a list of some friendly thieves.

-Thief 3,6,7,8,9,blah,blah,blah.

-A Strong's on jail now.

-A friend of the strong thief.also at jail.

Theme Edit

Child of the Corn - Castle Crashers01:57

Child of the Corn - Castle Crashers

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