stranger is a unknown person that doesn't interacts so much.

likes: unknown.(probably ender.)

dislikes: doom ninja, Sonya.

trivia, curiosities, mysteries, etc. Edit

Stranger right arm

°stranger tried to make a deal with sonya.

°doom ninja say one day to sonya that she don't know what the stranger done to the ones that trusted it,revealing that it could be killed they or done something evil to they.

°the stranger is based on gustav fiers

°his name is revealed to be jack.

°he,along with eri and "dark flower",have red hair.

°in his last appearence,he were on the cemetery,and looking at ender's grave,the "only person that trusted him",making a mistery if he likes ender or not.

°he were the raphael's first un-evil character that talked with sonya.

°he were raphael's first character that helped someone(eri) to don't die,and never got a "thank you".

°he used the powers that ender gave to him to create energy for his right robotic arm.

quotes Edit

"you like deals?"

"you don't trust me?"

"i'm not gonna hurt you."

theme Edit

The Amazing Spider Man 2 - Harry's Suite -2810:18

The Amazing Spider Man 2 - Harry's Suite -28

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