The Purgers

The Purgers; member list

The Purgers, also called The Saviors, are an anonymous group of individuals. Each member is an Archian. They wear nerve-racking masks.


  • Jett, the leader of The Purgers. His mask is a bit damaged, showing his left eye and the mask is slightly cracked.
  • Michael, the co-leader, he is Jett's best friend.
  • Jason, the main strategist of the group
  • Aaron, the violet one.


Nothing is known about them, except they all attended the same elementary, intermediate, and are now Seniors in high school. They are all in the same classes.

They all look like the same person, but behind their masks, they are each a different person.

Theme SongEdit

The Purge - Your Soul Has Been Cleansed Soundtrack OST HD02:09

The Purge - Your Soul Has Been Cleansed Soundtrack OST HD

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