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The New Resistance is a group of Theives, Criminals, Bounty Hunters, Spies, Guards, and Mercenaries who either have nothing to do, or are just in for the money. It is loosely formed by The Shadowed One, a mysterious man with seemingly malicious intentions.

The New Resistance, although being entirely illegal, has hidden bases all over the world, and the main one is located somewhere in the Gravitarian Islands.

It is formed by alot of people from different parts of the world, but most specifically originate from Gravita.

The members of it are divided into several groups for different tasks.

Statuses: Edit

Lost In Action (LIA)

Active (A)

Former Member (FM)

Hitmen/Bounty Hunters Edit


Flatline, a great example of a bounty hunter/hitman.

Hitmen are illegal, contracted assassins who are tasked to kill a person with some sort of payment if the task is completed. They are the most common type of members in TNR, and are not usually that equipped compared to a G-A Soldier.

They are classified in different levels and ranks depending on their kills, how they work, and if it was even effective. Failing a task will result in being thrown out of TNR.

Bounty Hunters fall into the same category.

List of known Hitmen/Bounty Hunters: Edit

Ambush (A)

Charger (LIA)

Flatline (A)

Tyrant (LIA)

Warhead (A)

Leo Rayford (A)

Slyzer (LIA)

Lurker (LIA)

Prototype (LIA)

The Shadowed One (FM) (Is now the leader of TNR.)

Guards Edit

Hallie 2

Hallie, a young guard who defends the main base.

Guards are the members who defend any TNR base. They will protect the base at all costs, even if it means sacrificing themselves. They will not hesitate to kill any unauthorized people who are entering the base.

List of known Guards Edit

Hallie (A)

Harold (A)

Atlas (A)

Hilda (A)

Rustina (A)

Spies Edit

Spies are the members who will infiltrate any base, depending on payment, top secret or small orginazation.

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