Guardian sea

The Guardians Sea is a area on middle of Sea with the biggest treasures on Gaia

Islans Edit

The Base of Ice Lord (A Pirate) is a place where Ice Lord Puts his Treasures and his House

Leaf City: The City who got the best Drink of the sea, full of pubs and such, Leaded by Ice Lord

Wind Beach: The city of the swordmans, With the best swordman of world living on it, leaded by ice lord

Sand Town:The City of the Shipmakers, Leaded of ice lord

First Guardian Island:this is the Prision island where lives the Leaf Guardian Virus Kon

Earth Kings: The City Island leaded by Ice Lord

Owl Town: The City Island Leaded by The Smiler King

Dust Town: The City island leaded by Azarat


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