The Alvarez Mansion is a gigantic mansion composed of titanium and Spirit Rock. It was built by Chung Seiker's uncle Lord Seiker along with Sonya's uncle Bryan, and Brooklyn Hayes' older brother Ian Hayes. 

Guarded by several metalbending cops and is protected by a fraction of Kaivora's army, it is one of the most protected structures in Archia. It has built in anti-air laser guns and SAM launchers, even a nuke silo and a tactical nuke defense. It also has some shield bubbles and is supported by the Spirit Shields formed aroudn every city of Archia.


Lord Seiker and Bryan decided to create a sanctuary for their young ones, because the enviroment they lived at the time was too harsh for them. With the help of the best builder teams, the best benders, and several other retired soldiers, they created the building with ease. After the completion, they dubbed it the "Alvarez Mansion" because it was Bryan's initial idea to create the mansion in the first place.

After a while, Bryan's nephews and nieces lived in the mansion and so did their friends. The mansion currently sits on the coastline of Nesserk and is protected by several guards.

The New MansionEdit

The Alvarez Mansion

The old mansion stood tall in all its glory until it was destroyed when the city Boolon was decimated. Enissa and her family relocated to an island called Termina. Before buying another mansion, they would stay at a small yet fancy hotel.

Enissa then bought another mansion that sits right next to a cliff off the coast of Termina City. It is a lot smaller than its predecessor, due to it only housing the Winters family unlike the previous where it housed many of Enissa's friends. Like its predecessor, it features hidden rooftop AA guns and a hidden anti-nuke missile launcher, since Enissa is connected to the military.

Elite military soldiers guard the mansion, but they still let the family have their privacy.


  • Hidden rooftop AA cannons
  • Anti nuke missile launcher
  • Tactical missile station
  • Hidden shield generator
  • Backyard pool
  • Multiple rooms
  • Several bathrooms
  • 1 kitchen
  • Garage
  • Hidden sentries
  • Balcony
  • Radar


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