"We made Minus, We made it for the ones who hadn't had a place to live, The 10 Keys that made this world, may destroy it"

-The species that created gaia.

The 10 Keys are the weapons that fused power to create gaia on the past

Weapons Edit

1th - Fiura - A longsword that control the fire, and the heat relacted things.

2nd - Gelad - A staff that control the water, and the cold relacted things

3rd - Pietra - A hammer that control the earth, rock, and all the solo relacted things

4th - Genes - A rapier with power to control the wind and the weather.

5th - Mist - A orb with power to control the light and the shadows

6th - Slasher - A bow with power to control the lightinings and thunders

7th - Miragem - A mirror who reflects and amplificate everything thrown on it

8th - Magne - A armor with power to create every type of weapon.

9th - Furia - A spear with explosion relacted powers

10th - Tuklo - A Book with power to give life to unanimated objects and bring a dead person back to life

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