-distorted, deep and robotic growling noise-

- Everything Talyc 'says'.

Talyc is a highly deadly mechanical assassin, having been created by the Death Watch to assist with take-down operations of individual targets or a group of targets.

Vital statistics
Position Assassin
Age Doesn't age.
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 3.75 feet tall, 6 feet long. (It has really long legs.)
Power See below.
Gender Genderless.
Sexual Orientation None.
Love interests Any love interests your character has.

Personality and Behavior Edit

"Talyc" barely possesses what could be considered a personality. It just follows the orders of whoever currently "owns" it, usually doing assassin work and the like. When doing a 'job', it's ruthless, dangerous, and will stop at nothing to get the job done. This thing doesn't even know the concept of mercy and grace, so if you find this thing after you, you're fucked.

History / Backstory Edit


Present Day / Current Life Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Possesses an EXTREME sense of "smell", being able to keep track of, and trail the odor indexes of up to ten thousand different targets at any given time.
  • Possesses a retractable syringe in its "mouth" that contains enough Novocaine to paralyze even an enhanced individual in three seconds.
  • Made out of a mix of several high-strength non-metal materials, including carbon fiber, so that it is essentially impossible to be metalbent or earthbent by Archians, Elsians, and the like.
  • Its tail can act as a controllable whip that is able to swing fast enough to leave a nasty gash, or even kill if aimed at the throat or a vital artery.
  • Highly agile.
  • Extremely sharp claws and teeth.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Picture was originally a fan-made interpretation of a secondary antagonist from the novel Fahrenheit 451.
  • "Talyc" is Mando'a for "bloody" or "bloodstained".

Theme(s) Edit

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