Strider Rig
Striders are capable of pursuing hostiles in both confined streets and open plazas, even crouching down to fire at enemies who seek cover under overhangs or in bombed-out buildings.

The Strider's body is covered in a smooth brown carapace or exoskeleton. On the "head" of the Strider is a rapid-firing pulse cannon, with a heavier warp cannon suspended below. The three long legs of the Strider are tipped with sharp spikes and a rosette of finer, hair-like spines.

While walking about or attacking, Striders produce many different vocalizations, such as growls, groans, whoops, and howls; when killed, they let out a mournful cry. In addition, Striders will leak a yellow substance when damaged, and their carapace contains a large, somewhat human-looking brain.

Individual Striders are often used to patrol off-limits in the cities and to provide heavy support for groups of soldiers. However, in full-scale military combat, Striders are used instead as heavy artillery to destroy all structures in an area as a means of removing all entrenched hostile forces. Striders fit both roles well due to their various weapons and remarkable maneuverability on even the harshest terrain (considering they are tripods, and extremely large). Despite their height, Striders can crawl through tunnels to chase enemy combatants and "dig" through underground obstacles using their warp cannon.

In wilderness areas, Striders are often accompanied by Hunters which act as escorts to destroy smaller targets. Striders may also be transported to and from combat zones by Dropships. When being transported, they will fold their legs into a compact shape that allows them to be carried.

Strider Impale Test-000:07

Strider Impale Test-0

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