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The Archian Spirit Stone is a spiritual communicative device that most, if not all, Archians use to communicate and keep in touch with one another. It replaces technological communicative devices, such as phones and radios, that other species use.


Era of the SpiritsEdit

During the Era of the Spirits ten thousand years before the first humans arrived, rare rocks formed along the towering canyons and mountains of the Spirit World. These rocks contained spiritual energy, such as being able to manipulate the terrain with ease.

These rocks continued to form in mountainous terrain of the Spirit World.

The BirthEdit

About five thosuand years after the end of the Era of the Spirits, the first Archians were born. According to Archian Legend, the earthbender Gahzaahn, entered the Spirit World via Spirit Portal located in the North Pole. After week of living off of healthy spirit berries and fruit and drinking spirit water, he discovered a strange, blue rock emitting a bright light blue light inside a cave. After further investigation, he was able to dig the rock out of the stone walls and named the rock the "Spirit Stone."

Sometime later, the first Archians discovered that these stones held the power to communicate with other Archians who had Spirit Stones. Because of this, the stones were very valuable.

Present DayEdit

Even in present day 2014, all Archians use Spirit Stones to communicate and keep in touch with one another. Because of their spiritual link, hacking or tracking is completely useless, as technology cannot track the spiritual link.



  • Hacks or other technology cannot interfere with the spiritual link of the Spirit Stone, making it impervious for anyone to track the signal or hack into it
  • The material the rock is made is so hard that it simply cannot be broken at all
  • The spiritual energy recognizes Archians ( most likely due to Gahzaan discovering them ), so if a human touches the rock or if anything else ( such as needles ) touch the rock, it will dissipate into spirit energy and form back into itself within an Archian's hands.
  • It makes an excellent light source


  • Though technology is completely ineffective and useless against Spirit Stones, spiritual energy can interfere with the spirit link
  • The rock itself is rare
  • It is difficult to mine out

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