Vital statistics
Position None
Age 37
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'7
Power Fiery melee

Berserk mode

Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Love interests None
Solar is a large male Celestial (given by Gaians to describe spaceborn warriors) who is extremely skilled in fiery swords, flails, spears, and pretty much everything melee-related. He is the twin brother of Stardust and Nebula, the uncle of Redna, and the older brother of Vortex. He is the headstrong, hotheaded, tough, and sometimes cold of the family. He is the physically strongest and largest of the family as well. But his physical attributes don't match up with his mental attributes.


Solar along with his brothers were accidentally created by Moon Lord, a mythical beast. He was accidentally created. The Moon Lord wished that his creations would become evil and bent on destruction and death. However (and unsurprisingly), the brothers did not follow his expectations and raised the newly created female Celestial.

He went to a distant planet with his brothers to give baby Vortex a safe haven. However, Moon Lord discovered that they weren't living up to his wish and attacked. The planet was destroyed and the family escaped, and soon crashed on Gaia.

The brothers raised the female Celestial and named her Vortex. There, they live a life on Gaia, serving as their protectors.

Biological InformationEdit

Name: Solar

Age: 37

Height: 6'7

Status: Alive

Weight: 155lb

Race: Celestial

Home: Termina City

Orientation: Heterosexual

Family: Stardust (twin brother), Nebula (twin brother), Redna (niece), Vortex (younger sister)

Weapons: His fire swords, chains, spears, shields, etc

Likes: Being the boss, fighting

Dislikes: Vortex (only when she's in Berserk mode). annoying people, listening to others

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