"... Nah, it's fine, I don't see anything wrong with- Dishwasher? YES."

- Slim, making a Jontron refrence in the moment.

Slim Vexi Shady (A.K.A, Slim Sailor) is a Human/Enderman hybrid made by SlimShady1228.

Slim Sailor
Slim Profile
Vital statistics
Position Unlicensed Sailor
Age About 110,000 (or 11 in Ender years)
Status Sailing the Seven Seas
Physical attributes
Height 6.7 ft
Power Most Enderman powers, telelportation, "Rage Mode"
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Male
Love interests Diamond Blocks
Like Hollow Skeleton, he lacks any casual theme, but his battle theme is Hate Everything by Xtrullor .

Appearance Edit

Slim Shady is half Enderman and half human (Ender dominant), he wears a sailor suit with a sailor hat, a grey shirt and pants, a white vest and cuffs, black gloves, and a purple tie. He has two glowing emerald Endereyes and more than half of his face is Enderman.

Personality and Behavior Edit

Slim Shady is usually cheery and ignorant, he is sensitive, however, and can be easily enraged. He always has his eye on costly blocks, like gold blocks, emerald blocks, and especially diamond blocks.

He also likes to make Jontron references whenever he feels the need to.

History Edit

While most of his history is unknown, it is known he bought a ship to travel the sea for treasures, he then met Hollow Skeleton, the rest of the story can be found here.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Slim Shady can Teleport.
  • Along with this, Slim Shady can teleport other people if they are touching him in any way.
  • Unlike most endermen, he has a slight tolerance to water.
  • He carries two popguns, which actually do a fair amount of damage.
  • Slim Shady can go into a subconscious state of rage if angered enough in battle, making him more agile and both offensive and defensive.
  • He is not enraged by a staring contest, although it does make him uncomfortable.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • He is easily distracted by shiny objects, specifically, diamond blocks.
  • While he has a slight tolerance to water, he cannot stand it for long.
  • His "Rage Mode", while making him a better fighter, makes him more reckless.
  • His popguns may jam up, disabling his range attack
  • Along with this, he is mainly dependent on his Popguns, if he is disarmed, he becomes a much easier target.

Trivia Edit

  • His slight resistance to water may be a part of his human side and his clothing.
  • While his name may be the same as a certain rap song SlimShady1228 didn't know this when his username and persona were made.
  • It is unknown if his easy-to-anger mood comes from the fact that he is 11, making him naturally more childish, or from the fact that he is part enderman.
  • His eyes are the same color as beta endermen's eyes.
  • The skin used for Slim isn't official. It's Hollow Skeleton's take on him and SlimShady1228 has stated multiple times that the skin isn't canon.


The Dimension Jumpers
Hollow Skeleton

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