Sienna Harrison or simply Sien is a Mandalorian bounty hunter who takes any well paid job out the

Basic Info Edit

Name: Sienna Harrison

Nickname: Sien

Age: between 18 and 20

Gender: Female

Species: presumed Human

Likes: to help people, to get well paid jobs, to finish a job, food

Dislikes: to loose a fight, not getting payed, repairing her armor and weapons

Loves: no one

Backstory Edit

Not much is known about her past, it is presumed that she grew or came across Mandalorian culture at some point of her life

Gear and Equipment Edit

She sports a modified a white and blue Mandalorian Hunter armor and usually uses blaster rifle or long ranged weapons to execute her targets, however, her armor is also equipped with small short range blasters and hand-to-hand combat, she also as all Mandalorians uses several gadgets to make a figth or a hunt easier

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