"I wanna get Alex"

- Shell


Shell is a general in the Archian army. He is 29. Formerly a scientist working for Mortogen, he was the Whistleblower, revealing the cruel experiments they conducted on the patients. Unlike most scientists, he was not arrested.

After that he joined the military and became a General.

Currently, Rhys is stationed at Nesserk, an Archian city near the ocean. He is apparently using Nesserk as his temporary military base. He has launched an attack to recapture Archian City, although it has failed.

Nothing else is known.

General InfoEdit

First Name: Rhys

Last Name: Shell

Full Name: Rhys Shell

Aliases: General, Shell, R, S

Profession: General of the Archian Military, Former Mortogen Scientist

Hair Color: Blue

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Blue

Powers(s): Ice

Age: 29

Birthday: June 3, ????

Theme SongEdit

Linkin Park - One Step Closer (Lyrics)02:38

Linkin Park - One Step Closer (Lyrics)

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