Shea Rose
Vital statistics
Position None
Age 12
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'8
Power Unknown
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
Quote 1

Shea talking to Naomi

Shea Rose is a twelve year old human blonde girl. She is also an Aeon, being part of the faction. Born during the nearing-end of the Infinite War, she was exposed to much of the disarray and chaos the war brought to the humans, and thought "her peaceful child life was over for good."==History==

Early LifeEdit

Shea was born on the Aeon colony New Cathedral on the planet Burke, a heavily defended yet peaceful planet full of Aeon people. Her parents were killed when sudden Seraphim Sinntha Bombers gated in on the planet and bombed several piece of the fort surrounding the city as well as the city itself. The bombs not only killed her parents, but many people and left much of the city is ruin. This event left her as an orphan for 5 years

At the age of 5, she was adopted by survivors of the bombing, a family named the Koenigs. It consisted of Annika Koenig, Jeffrey Koenig, and Erik Koenig. Though she developed a close bond with the adults, she never met Erik. However, history repeated itself for her when the Illuminate unexpectedly launched 3 nukes on their ACU's, killing Annika and Jeffrey, wounding Erik severely, and destroying the city. Shea was one of the 60 survivors.

Life in GaiaEdit

The Aeon deemed the planets near Burke was unsafe, and relocated every surviving Aeon citizen to Gaia, unaware that the planet was inhabited by several mixed species. Shea boarded the Aeon transports, where she landed on Gaia safely.

Soon, she turned 12 and became friends with Naomi and Helen.


Shea is a nice and charming little girl. She has never been seen fighting and likes to befriend as many people as possible.


Shea has no special powers because of her race being human. Therefore, she is one of the "normals."    

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