Shane the Dark mage

Shane the Dark mage

Shane's Insanity

Shane's "Insanity" skill.

:  Shane

Age: 16

Race: Dark Mages

Gender: Male

Powers: Magic, Black magic

Allies: Ves, Nathan

Parents: Unknown

Weapons: Deathbringer (staff)

Personality: A bit shy, mostly alone, tries as much as he can to protect his friends. and you better think twice before fighting him, he can be really dangerous when angered.

Loves: Reading, Sleeping

Likes: Rotten flesh. Bones, blood lolipop

Special abilitys:

Soul call: shane summons himself from the future to help him

Insanity: shane forgets his humanity and goes berzerk on the enemy.


it was just another ordinary night in the town, Shane was eating his favourite food: Falafel, and he was happy.

Suddenly an explosion was heard, and before he even noticed, he was thrown out of his house, his vision was blurry for a few seconds but then he saw ves grabbing him and running away.

But then shane noticed His brother, Damien, trying to catch up but he couldn't, the fire quickly spreaded and got closer to Damien.

"Ves wait!! DAMIEN!!!!" Shane shouted while sending his hand towards Damien,ves stopped and ran towards Damien, but Damien got swallowed in the burning flames.


"The big Fire"

The fire almost caught up with shane & ves, so ves started running again, "Damien...." Shane whispered as tears started appearing in his eyes. "Did our parents-" shane was about to ask. "No, They're still alive" Ves replied before shane finished the sentence, Shane felt a strange feeling after hearing that answer, and then he realized: It was a Lie.

Ves stopped running when they reached a hill with a tree on it. Ves gently put shane back on the ground and sat on the grass.


"This is life, isn't it?" Shane suddenly started saying, "You win And loose, and looks like we lost 3" Ves was surprised "How did you know our parents died aswell?" Ves asked, "I know you lied, i know they're gone..." Shane looked more depressed "It's still nice of you to lie just to make me feel better.... but i can know when you lie and when you tell the truth, so you cant lie to me".

"I'm sorry, shane" Ves apologized "i just wasn't sure if you could even handle the trut-" Ves's words were interrupted by shane "What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?" Ves asked. "Your feelings, it's like they're just....gone.", Ves was Silent.

But then Ves said in a depressed voice "You are right, they ARE gone..." while trying to be sad.

Shane sighed and layed down on the grass. Suddenly, a book fell out of the sky right on shane's left hand.

"A book?" Shane thought, "i wonder what it says"

Shane opened the book and discovered over 100 Spells for Dark mages. Then shane looked up and saw a mysterious figure who disappeared when he looked at it.

"looks like i got some work to do" Shane said while starting to practice to first skill.

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