Scouter Rig
Scouters were Combine Synths used to hunt down enemies and are used mostly as ground assault units until the Combine were defeated. They were added to Gravitarian Army after the Citadel in West Owl was succesfully controlled by rebels. They carry a pulse cannon, and have 3 legs. They are deployed in groups of 3 in dropships.
Scouter 2
They also happen to have a separated body, like the strider, they have a neck. Their head consists of only a cannon. They are deployed in special occasions as a back-up. They are much quicker than normal striders, but lack a warp cannon. They can, unlike striders, fire a sudden charge of energy, as an alternative to the strider warp cannon, but it will not damage any terrain or structure. They have weaker armour, but are quicker to produce.

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