Vital statistics
Position None
Age 9
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'3"
Power Limited airbending.
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Love interests None.


She was born in the city of Monarche, which is located on the planet Minus. After being given up for adoption shortly after she was born, she was adopted, and eventually abandoned again. This repeated several times until she was adopted by [REDACTED], who currently dislikes her due to the fact she thinks Scout will go mad like the other Elsians. Where she got the name "Scout" is from one of her previous foster parents, who she said was "kind of a hipster" in reference to her unusual name.

She, after being beaten up and then thrown into a dumpster by a couple of (presumably) Archian troublemakers, eventually met Bonnie and Indigo, who both got her to a hospital and eventually became friends with her. She ultimately treats the two like they're her big sisters however.

Biological InformationEdit

Name: "Scout". (Her actual name is unknown, since she's been given several different names over her lifetime. She ultimately decided to stick with Scout because it was the most distinctly unusual name she was given.)

Age: 9

Height: 4'3"

Status: Alive

Weight: 57lbs.

Race: Elsian

Home: Monarche

Orientation: Heterosexual

Family: Unnamed foster mother.

Weapons: None.

Likes: Making friends

Dislikes: Discrimination, being abandoned, getting into fights.

Other: Has a tendency to stutter when talking, even when she's not scared.


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