Name: Ryan

Age: 11

Race: Uzamaki

Gender: Male

Powers: Naruto (Somewhat Demon)

Allies: Dark and Good

Parents: Uknown

Weapon: My Fist.

Personality: Strong but a bit shy. Likes to be alone so he could feel strong. Wont give up on a friend. Trys to cheer someone up. Has the best fighting skills and parkour skills so watch out. Caring and forgiving.

Loves: Puppys (Huskys)

Likes: Gapples. The word Majesitc and Butter. Burgers. Candy. Slushys.

Special abilitys:

Kyuubi: Turns into a demon that attacks everything in its path but wont attack friends or his pet.

Chakra: Turns powerful while controlled.

Burst: lets the NineTails (Kurama) Out. Its a big powerful fox with ninetails that destroys everything.

Rasengan: Makes a powerful blue ball and charges at someone then hits them with it.

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