"I'm pretty rusty, so I'm pretty sure that I would be a pretty bad bounty hunter."

-Rustina to Hallie in a conversation.

Backstory Edit


Rustina with a SCAR-H.

Rustina used to be an experimental robot by the resistance meant for combat. Eventually, the creator grew attached to the robot and made it more human-like, claiming that it would make her more efficient in combat.

Bio Edit

Rustina is a somewhat sympathetic robot. Although she does kill any trespassers, she will feel bad for doing so.

Theme Song: DJ Falcon - First

Name: Rustina.

Nickname: Rusty.

Age: None.

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: TNR Main Base.

Race: Robot.

Gender: Female

Allies: TNR.

Powers: None.

Family Members: None.

Weapons: SCAR-H.

Loves: None.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Being taunted at.

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