Robert Hendrix

"Alex is not your objective, he's mine!"

- Robert


Robert is a high ranking member of the Archian police force. He was there when the military and the police arrived at Mortogen to arrest the scientists. He is a friend of Shell and the primary enemy of Alex. Robert was the ex-boyfriend of Kael. After Kael's death, he fell into a deep state of anger and depression. He was also a close friend of Sonya.

Robert is currently stationed at Nesserk along with Rhys.

Nothing else is known.

General InfoEdit

First Name: Robert

Last Name: Hendrix

Full Name: Robert Hendrix

Profession: High Ranking Member of the Archian Police Force

Powers: Entity

Allies: Shell, Sonya, Archians

Dislikes: Anyone who he thinks is a threat to his allies or anyone who he thinks can ruin the Archians' military operations

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: White

Birthday: March 9, ????

Theme SongEdit

World War Z Theme Song04:46

World War Z Theme Song

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