Rena the Sage Archer or simply Rena is a master Elsword Archer equipped with the emerald composed Light Striker Bow.

No Elsword has a better aim that her. She is deadly with her Light Striker and her Piercer arrows, which glow yellow-green. Other than Elswords, no one is possibly better than aiming than her.


Name: Rena

Aliases: Sage Archer

Age: 13

Skin: White

Species: Elsword

Weapon of Choice: Light Striker Bow with Piercer Arrows

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Yellow-Green

Height: 5'3

Birthdate: November 5, ????

Allies: Elswords, Archians

Dislikes: Elsians

Loves: No one at the moment

Likes: Being alone, her bow, friends

Special Notes: Has elf-like ears, but she is not an elf.

Abilities: Extremely precise aiming and extremely great acrobatic skills


Not much is known about Rena's past. She was born in an unknown city in Elsword control. When she turned 6, she obtained the Light Striker Bow. She couldn't use it as good, but got the hang of it eventually. When she turned 13, she became the master at handling the bow and obtained the name The Sage Archer.


Being an Elsword, she possesses no powers such as flying. However, she possesses extremely precise aiming and has demonstrated to be extremely acrobatic. She is quick on her feet and can quick scope with ease using her bow. She has demonstrated impressive melee combat, and uses the "Upside-Down-Double-Kick" technqiue frequently. She also has been known to silently assassinate targets from a very far distance. She is also known to be impressively skilled in hand-to-hand combat, notably being very deadly when using her index and middle finger to strike her opponents' weak spots to disable them before delieving the final blow.

Upside-Down-Double-Kick Technique:

( starts at 0:24 )

Bumblebee vs Lockdown Transformers Age Of Extinction00:59

Bumblebee vs Lockdown Transformers Age Of Extinction


Rena is a kind, caring, and passionate female Elsword. She looks as though she is a tomboy, but deep inside, she highly enjoys girly things. She often cares for Elsword children and loves to be around her friends.

She keeps her "happy-go-lucky" personality even in combat. Sometimes she frustrates her opponents rather than using direct combat. However, she can get a little carried away and can sometimes change to a sadistic figure. However that is extremely rare.


GTA V Dynamic Score - Wanted 405:35

GTA V Dynamic Score - Wanted 4

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