Basic infoEdit

Motto: Most people are intrested in injurng monsters. Me? I like to patch the human wounds up.

Name: Reduntitus Medicamo

Age: Programmed to be 15, but is really 1 year old. See backstory for details.

Gender: Unknown

Weight: 150 lbs

Likes: Peace and quiet, heealing others.

Dislikes: Chaos!!!

Home: His lab in a tree.

Powers: Healing powers and psychic, mind-bending attacks

Weapons: His bare mind and a stick.

Personality: Is usually friendly around most people, less friendly against brawlers.


Reduntitus is a human, you may or may not already know that. But he is not purely a human. He is a digital creation made with a couple psychic gems, some smart brains, etc. He was created by Creepclone. Originally, Creepclone expected Reduntitus to be his personal medic and nothing else, but Reduntitus is starting to disobey Creepclone. Within the first few years, he will still be digital. But when the time comes, Reduntitus will become a human.

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