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Vital statistics
Position None
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'6"
Power Life stealing


Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Love interests Koda
Redna is a female Celestial (given by Gaians to describe spaceborn warriors) and Vampire hybrid. She is skilled at anything that has a vampiric effect to it (items that give health to her when she does damage). She is the daughter of Vortex and Felix, and the niece of Stardust, Solar, and Nebula. She is the caring, and playful one in the family. Despite the fact she is the weakest of her family physically, she makes up for it with her aiming and her raw brutality in combat, instead prefering to perform quick and effective moves instead of going completely berzerker mode like the rest of the Celestials, especially Vortex.


Redna was born in the city of Boolon to Vortex, a Celestial, and Felix Wolfe, a vampire. At age 14, the Moon Lord, a large and (roughly 1,200 feet) extremely powerful being, arose and began laying waste to the city. Her, and her Celestial relatives helped destroy the creature, it's death unfortunately causing the destruction of the city.

This forced them to be evacuated, eventually moving into Termina City, the largest city on the island of Termina. At age 18, she met Koda, a former Cultist who had made his home in an abandoned dungeon. They quickly fell in love with eachother, and have been boyfriend and girlfriend ever since. She and Koda eventually decided to do a bit of woohooing, and now she currently done got herself knocked up.

Biological InformationEdit

Name: Redna

Age: 19

Height: 5'6"

Status: Alive

Weight: 132lb

Race: Vampire (Formerly Celestial/Vampire Hybrid)

Home: Termina City

Orientation: Heterosexual

Family: Vortex (mother), Felix (biological father) Nebula (uncle), Stardust (uncle), Solar (uncle), Andromeda (unborn daughter)

Weapons: Staff of Life Stealing, Life Stealing Rifle w/ Life Stealing Bayonet

Likes: Koda, drinking blood, food.

Dislikes: Annoying people, arguments (especially between her relatives), anyone or anything who endangers her and her family.

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