2015-05-20 00017

Rebel Assault Car 3 (Back).

2015-05-20 00018

Rebel Assault Car 3 (Front).

2015-05-20 00020

Rebel Assault Car 2.

2015-05-20 00021

Rebel Assault Car 1.

Rebel assault cars are cars fixed by rebels with added weaponry, used by rebels for ambushes against small Combine bases. They are fast and powerful, and not so heavily armoured.

RAC 1 has a rifle on the front seat, and an unknown gun that is controllable on from the back seats. It is able to hold 5 people maximum, but is usually fitted with 4.

RAC 2 is a Jeep with a turret on the top. It is the quicket of all the RAC's, but has a weakness disadvantage. It is capable of holding 2 people, and was made for the leaders of the resistance. It has an SMG ammunition crate at the back, which is handy when under fire. It can go offroad on various kinds of terrain.

RAC 3 is the strongest RAC, and has 2 turrets, one on the top, another on the back, and next to the one on the back, there is a Multi-Rocket Launcher. It is capable of holding 7 people. It is quick and reliable, and is able to make long jumps without any damage done.

It contains a huge supply of ammunition, especially the rocket supply. It's weakness is being hit in the rocket supply, but it is hard to hit due to the fact that it is internal.

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