Ravok The protector of balance

Age: 18000

Race: Half human Half color Creature

Abilitys: Able to manipulate soul energy (basicly every sort of energy is made out of soul energy) Transform into Rage (A huge dragon with a fusion gun on his hand) And able to summon the red devil dragon and the blue power dragon (an chinese ice dragon)

Speed: Maximum speed of 10 times the speed of light.

Strength: Able to destroy dimensions/Universes with one swing (and all of his power)

Weapons: Red, Blue and Purple death axe (all able to go into V2 mode and the purple death axe in V4) And the fusion gun (also able to go into V2 mode

Allies: Red, Blue, The Red devils dragon, The Blue power dragon, Rage, Fluaw, David (Protector of insanity), Spirit (Protector of emotions) and the Gaurdians of balance (Especially: Thane, Clave and Metha)

Backstory: On this site:

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