"Holy fff...that's another reason why i don't like being least,no one is looking at me. I hate when this happens...i mean,'that'."-Raph,after seeing that everyone is close to his house.

Information Edit

Name:Erick Raphael.


Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Being outside.

Backstory Edit

Not much thing is known about his backstory,the only things known are that he and a doctor created a failed clone.

Quotes Edit

"Shut up."-Raph,to everytime jame says that some girl are perfect to him.

"Did i saw a..?"-Raph,after seeing eri jr.

"*whispers*I knew it!"-Raph,after sonya told that she's a archian.

"What. Are You. Doing. Here."-Raph,after he saw that eri jr. and sonya knocked out the door from his house.

Metolefrul Team Edit

Raph is the leader of the metolefrul team,and jame is the "co-leader".

Mysterious things he does Edit

"archians are such mysterious things.."-Raph.

Raph knows 71%/64% of the mysteries that is on the forest,and other places. He is trying to know how the archians were made,and he is trying to know another things too.

He mysteriously knows how to talk the language that Eri jr. speaks.

He created a glowing white glove,that he called "heal glove",as the name says,the glove heals people.

Also,eve stole one of his papers.

Trivia Edit

  • As revealed by one of Stan's quotes,Raph isn't a pervert.
  • If you pay attention,you can notice that Raph's home is close to the lake.
  • As revealed by one of Jame's quotes,Raph had friends,but they left him,because of the secrets he hides.
  • It wasn't revealed yet what's Raph's house made of.
  • Raph was from the Rage Squad.
  • It wasn't revealed yet how did Jame and Raph met.

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