"I ain't THAT strong. I can't take them on by myself!"

-Prototype to Tyrant, when confronted by a few aggresive Cockatrices.



"He" used to be a normal small slime, until he stumbled across a deactivated FightingBot while wandering around Gravity City. He managed to take control of it by breaking through the head, and used it as a home.

He later joined The New Resistance.
Prototype Slime

Out of his suit.


He is a quiet but dangerous opponent. He is heavily armoured and has the abilities of a FightingBot.

Theme Song: Noisestorm - Wipeout

Name: "Prototype".

Nickname: Prototype.

Age: Unknown.

Status: Deceased.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: Base A in Gravita.

Race: Slime.

Gender: Sounds male, but unknown.

Powers: Control over Gravity.

Allies: Tyrant, Slyzer, Charger, Lurker, among other bounty hunters.

Family Members: Unknown.

Weapons: Revolvers.

Loves: No one.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

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