About Edit

Humans always hated eachother, hatred was a concept which existed since earth was born, and it doesn't look like it'd fade anytime soon if at all.

However, in this cruel world exist humans who aren't like the others, those humans have come to understanding this world and managed to destroy their inner hatred, those humans have gained the title "Philosophers", as they managed to think differently, and end the chain of eternal hate.

Visual Prowess Edit

Humans who destroyed their inner hatred has earned the "Tetsugaku" or "Divine Eyes", which are said to be able to move a mountain with a move of a pupil, and are believed to be the eyes of god

The Great Hate War Edit

The rumors have spread about the philosophers, and after hearing about what they can do, All the humans decided to exterminate them, as they feared their power.

many philosophers were killed, but a few have managed to survive. and are believed to be hiding as normal humans.

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