General Info

Height: 6'

Weight: 134 lbs

Peyton Snow

Age: 17

Species: Aphrion

Powers: Force/Ice

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Loves: No one... yet

Likes: Winter, snow, ice, the movie Frozen

Dislikes: Fire, heat, summer


Peyton is usually a very formal person - however, when stressed or anxious, Peyton loosens up a bit (he'll be less stiff and he'll develop a bit more of a sense of humor - he even made a joke once).

Current Story

He lived in a Taiga house for 3 years before returning to Gravity City, where he discovered that Enro had become a tyrant and enslaved all of the City.  Working with Vasili, Zack, and Eon, Peyton attempted to overthrow King Enro, eventually succeeding in killng him and saving the residents of Gravity City with much help from Vasili.  Due to this, Peyton is now the king of Gravity City.
Peyton Snow Is King

Peyton in His Formal Outfit

His speech after being inducted: "People of Gravity City! Your days of oppression are over!  A new age of Gravity City has come! An age not of oppression and tyranny! An age of FREEDOM!  No longer shall you be hunted, no longer shall your privacy be broken by robots!  No longer shall you be forced to perform every whim of a tyrant!  You, my brothers, my sisters, are FREE!"

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