The Gravitarian Army is the military for Gravita.

Although not much of a big military, it uses alot of leftover Combine technology, to the point where the entire Citadel is used as a main base for the G-A. The West Owl uniforms are more specially designed, as the other uniforms are not as decorated.

They are also known as the Overwatch.

Human Units

Metrocop Alternate-0

West Owl uniforms in order from left to right: Normal, Elite.



Normal uniforms in order from left to right: Normal, Elite.

The Police, also known as CP or Civil Protection, is the police force of Gravita. They will either use stun batons, SMG's, Pistols, or Assault Rifles.

Their job is obviously to protect citizens from threats, but if the job isn't finished, soldiers will be brought in.

Unlike when the Combine were still in control, the police do not use torture methods, but will still harass anyone for answers if necessary.

They are only allowed to use APC's in special occasions such as antlion attacks or headcrab infestations. They might also use it to travel to another location in a city. (Like a donut shop :3)


Regular Soldiers and Shotgun Soldiers

The regular, low ranked soldiers usually have Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifles (AR2's or OSIPR's) and a few frag grenades. They have standard uniforms, and usually have a respirator attached to their mouth.

They usually go on missions outside of the city, such as the wastelands or a forest.

Shotgun soldiers usually carry around Overwatch Standard Issue Shotguns (OSIS or CS), and are almost all female.

Normal Uniforms from left to right: Regular Soldier, Shotgun Soldier.

They usually go on urban missions but may also assist regular soldiers as support units.

Shotgun soldiers may also watch over the town incase of an outbreak, such as Antlion attacks or Headcrab infestations.

Both kinds can use APC's no matter the situation, even if it isn't an emergency.


West Owl Elite Uniforms.

Elite Soldiers


Normal Elite Uniforms.

Elites are tougher, achieve better accuracy with their weapons, and inflict more overall damage than regular soldiers do. They typically carry Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifles, and are able to use the weapon's secondary fire Energy Ball. They use this advantage without hesitation and with deadly accuracy.

Elites typically fight in squads of their "own kind", but will occasionally operate with regular Overwatch Soldiers or, in rare cases, Hunters. They are generally reserved for more critical combat missions, where their deadly skills and efficiency are required. 

They have high-preformance weapons and they are more well trained. They are usually equipped with the same weapons as the normal overwatch soldiers, but have better armour and more ammunition. 

Mech Soldiers


Mech Uniforms.

These soldiers are special units with increased abilities, such as extra jump height or extra punching power. Their suits usually have built-in AR2's with more ammo capacity. They are usually used as reinforcements, along with the Hunters and Scouters.

They are as high-ranked as Elite soldiers, but they don't guard areas too often.

Emergency Robot Soldier


They can take heavily armoured vehicles with ease due to their AR2 containing a Warp Cannon instead of an Energy Pellet.

Emergency Robot Soldiers

Emergency Robot Soldiers are low-rank units used for shortages of soldiers. There is not many in storage currently, only around 500 soldiers. They are weak and not too tactical.




Operators are the soldiers that use radios and command security squads in important G-A areas. They are usually used as security, as they are behind the security teams in important places such as the citadels.

They themselves do not have much equipment, but are high-ranking and important to the G-A.

Synth Units


Strider Rig


Striders are capable of pursuing hostiles in both confined streets and open plazas, even crouching down to fire at enemies who seek cover under overhangs or in bombed-out buildings.

The Strider's body is covered in a smooth brown carapace or exoskeleton. On the "head" of the Strider is a rapid-firing pulse cannon, with a heavier warp cannon suspended below. The three long legs of the Strider are tipped with sharp spikes and a rosette of finer, hair-like spines.

While walking about or attacking, Striders produce many different vocalizations, such as growls, groans, whoops, and howls; when killed, they let out a mournful cry. In addition, Striders will leak a yellow substance when damaged, and their carapace contains a large, somewhat human-looking brain.


Scouter Rig


Scouters were Combine Synths used to hunt down enemies and are used mostly as ground assault units until the Combine were defeated. They were added to Gravitarian Army after the Citadel in West Owl was succesfully controlled by rebels. They carry a pulse cannon, and have 3 legs. They are deployed in groups of 3 in dropships.

Their head consists of only a cannon. They are deployed in special occasions as a back-up. They are much quicker than normal striders, but lack a warp cannon. They can, unlike striders, fire a sudden charge of energy, as an alternative to the strider warp cannon, but it will not damage any terrain or structure. They have weaker armour, but are quicker to produce.


Gunship Rig-0

Like other Synths, Gunships are living creatures that have been artificially altered and augmented with Combine technology. They are powered by an array of jet engines on their underside, and maneuver using a rear-mounted rotor with insect wing-like blades. Compound eyes that bear a close resemblance to those of a dragonfly are positioned directly behind the Gunship's pulse gun. In addition, the chassis itself has one large exposed compound eye on either side, which is assumed to be used to detect enemies under normal conditions.

Like most Synths and vehicles, the gunship is invulnerable to small arms fire and can only be damaged by heavy weapons, such as rocket-propelled grenades. Because of this weakness to explosives, gunships will give any incoming explosives a priority over enemies and will attempt to shoot them down.


350px-Combine dropship

The Dropship is a support and deployment Synth used by the G-A to quickly send in and deploy units by air to areas they are needed.

Dropships by themselves are unarmed and as a result, they don't attack the enemies. However, the containers typically carried by Dropships sport a mounted pulse turret on the front, designed to suppress any opposition in front of the synth, allowing the occupants to deploy safely.

Dropships are very useful aircraft for the G-A, being able to quickly transport Soldiers, APCs,Striders, and Civil Protection officers to where ever they may be needed.



They are Gravitarian Army units. Being more of a bot than anything else, this carrys a Pulse Sniper Rifle, and is engineered for stealthy reasons. Not much is known about them.

They are very stealthy, and are accurate. They also have enhanced vision, and are very good and locating enemies.

They are also equipped with armour, that is bullet proof. They can sometimes be seen using rocket launcher.


Hunter Rig


The Hunter's body and legs are partially encased in an iridescent blue-green carapace. The synth is tripedal, much like the Strider; it has three muscular legs attached to the sides & back of its body, ending in a pair of extremely sharp barbs. On the left side of the Hunter's body are what appear to be three compound eyes, and a pair of vertically aligned fléchette launchers are located on the Synth's front.

Hunters are heavily armored, and take reduced damage from most forms of small arms fire. They are also highly mobile, able to easily move out of the way of projectiles.


Mortar Synth front

Mortar synth.

The Mortar Synth consists of a fleshy, triangular body with a mortar located on its back. Its front end features many spiked protrusions and various mechanical systems. Hovering low above the ground, it was to use its mortar to throw "energy grenades" flinging upwards its rear section, similar to a catapult.

Thus, like any mortar, it would serve as an indirect-fire infantry support weapon, unable to reliably hit close targets but very good at striking targets further away; moreover, as an indirect fire weapon, it would provide the benefit, almost unique among G-A military equipment, of not requiring a line of sight to the target during operation of the weapon.



Supporter Synth.

Supporters are a wolf-like synth that usually support Elite soldiers. Their design is based off of Fluffy, a robot dog previously owned by Harry. They have a mounted pulse cannon on their back.

Despite their wolf-like appearence, they are not actual wolves, just organic leftover strider/gunship armour peices and a complex endoskeleton.





The AR2, or Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle, has a 30-round magazine, which is reloaded with an automatic mechanism built into the weapon. A Dark Energy Ballshooter is built into it; the orb is capable of disintegrating almost anything it touches.

The OSIPR's recoil is extremely strong. The weapon's spread is much worse when firing the weapon in automatic mode, so firing it in short bursts is highly recommended (this also conserves ammo).

The Mech Soldiers, unlike Elites or Regular ranked soldiers, have a different alt fire, which fires a huge beam, similar to Striders.




The SPAS-12 or the Overwatch Standard Issue Shotgun is very effective at close range against most targets. However, its effectiveness decreases significantly with range because its pellets spread more the farther they go.

The SPAS-12 has two fire modes. The first one fires six pellets with a medium-sized spread, uses one shell, and has a small delay between shots. While the alternate fire mode fires twelve pellets in a larger, less tight spread and uses two shells, but has a longer delay between shots. The SPAS-12 is reloaded one shell at a time.


Combine Sniper Rifle Rig

The Overwatch Standard Issue Sniper Rifle is a pulse rifle used by Snipers. Identifiable by its blue laser sight, Snipers use them to guard key areas. The Overwatch Sniper Rifle has a slow firing rate, about once every four seconds, but incredible stopping power. A single round can kill virtually anything, including soldiers, headcrabs, zombies, or other enemies.

When active, a blue laser is emitted from the weapon to aid in targeting enemies. However, this sight also gives away the shooter's position, and makes dodging the bullets fired from it easier for those with quick reflexes.
Combine SMG



The OSISMG, along with the OSIPR, forms the bulk of the Combine's small arms and is often carried by Overwatch Soldiers and Metrocops.

Because of the OSISMG's poor spread at medium to long range, it should be used mostly at short range. While it can kill an enemy at medium range, it will usually take about a full magazine or so to kill one enemy, which is a waste of ammo.




The OSIP, or USP Match, is a reliable and accurate weapon and has a large magazine. One of the weapon's most prominent features is a large muzzle compensator that reduces muzzle climb.

The USP Match is not particularly effective against multiple targets, and better when facing off against one or two targets at a time.



It is the best weapon available to the CP and appears to be a Sub-Machine gun, but with better accuracy but slightly slower rate of fire than a OSISMG.

They are not very common, but are often used as a standard low-ranked weapon.




The OSIAR is a powerful automatic weapon used by the G-A.

It is well on terms with G-A and Combine weaponry. Although not as good as the OSIPR, it can still pack quite a punch.

It is mainly used by emergency robot units and as a backup weapon for a common soldier.



The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is a Gravitarian armored transport used by Overwatch units.

APC Beta

In urban areas, APCs are used to rapidly deploy Civil Protection teams to trouble spots. Outside the cities, both Civil Protection and Overwatch forces use APCs extensively to patrol isolated areas.

APCs are armed with guided rocket launchers and a mounted automatic pulse weapon that acts similarly to theEmplacement Gun. The missiles are fired through tubes which can be seen in-between the two front platings. It is unknown how the mounted pulse rifle is operated, as there seems to be no trigger for it and there are no crew that can be seen manning the weapon directly. Although, seeing as how the windshield is opaque like the Hunter-Chopper, it's possible that the operator is remotely controlling the gun from inside.


The Hunter-Chopper is armed with a powerful pulse turret which, while lacking in accuracy, allows the chopper to attack and damage multiple targets at once. The pulse turret takes a few instants to charge before being able to fire bursts of various durations.

2015-10-30 00007

The chopper also fires guided rockets for more accurate and powerful strikes on stationary targets, however, this is only seen once and never used against the player.

The Hunter-Chopper can also drop mines or bombs which detonate after a set timer or on contact with the target. Hunter-Choppers use these explosive mines as an offensive attack by dropping them directly in front of moving targets and on top of weak structures. The mines are also buoyant, making them quite effective against watercraft.



The Sidewinder Mech.

Not to be confused with the Mech soldier, the Sidewinder Mech is a vehicle used by the Overwatch to defeat smaller humanoid units. They are equipped with a grenade launcher, a turret, and a laser beam. They can fly a short distance using propulsors on they back.

Flying isn't the best form of movement, as it is rather slow, but they can run and walk fairly quick. They are very heavily armoured, and can withstand a couple of heavy weaponry such as rockets.

Gravitarian Mech 3

The Justifier Mech.


The Justifier Mech is a modified tripod version of the Sidewinder, and they are equipped with a Combine Ball Launcher,

They are somewhat fast but small in the inside, but are much more durable than the Sidewinders.

They do not have a visible visor, and it is assumed they are not always piloted.


The Hound Mech.


The Hound Mech is modified Sidewinder mech, with a Sniper rifle attached on top.

They are made for stealthy, long-range combat and are able to destroy most mechs in similar size.

Despite this, they are still really effective in combat against normal human-sized enemies.

The Striker Mech.


The Striker Mech is a quad mech that can be really useful in defending important areas, due to their very thick and strong armour.

They move very quickly and efficiently and can move on alot of different terrains.

Their only weakspots are the unplated spots on their legs.

They, unlike all the rest of the mechs, do not have thrusters and are incapable of jumping.


Gravitarian Mech 5

The Reaper Mech.

Reaper Mechs are the biggest mechs in the GA, being slightly taller than most of the mechs.

They are equipped with Anti-Tank/Mech cannons, and it has the ability to destroy others mechs with ease.

They are extremely agile, and can jump twice as high than the rest of the mechs. Despite this, they do not protect the user and are not really heavily armoured.



The Lynx Mech.

The Lynx Mech is a small, very portable mech. They are used for quick assaults, or simply as support units for Reapers.

They have a small rapid-firing cannon on their side, which is used to take down small infantry units or enemy helicopters.

Stealth mode allows itself to not be affected by radars, although it cannot last long.

Assault mode allows it to convert it's speed into an energy sheild, which is powerful enough to reflect rockets for a short time.

Rush mode allows it to convert all the energy into speed for very quick travel. This unfortunately uses up alot of energy in the process.

Pilot Soldier.

Pilot Soldier

Pilot Soldiers are the soldiers who control the Helicopters and Mechs. They have an emergency OSIP, a protective helmet, and a flare gun.

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