"Your hair would look great on my wall...-snip- Thanks.."

Osaka to Akari


Osaka Kadiri

Osaka's Appearance (I suck at drawing)

Osaka's appearance, to put it simply, is very school girl.

She has milk chocolate brown hair cut in very boyish fashion. Red eyes, used for looking the creepiest. A standard uniform with a white shirt with a navy blue colar, and red bow, and a navy blue skirt. She also wears white stockings. Really, she looks like a standard old girl, but really, shes anything but.


Osaka was born in Tokyo, Japan. With her parents loving her so dearly. She was a normal girl up until the age 12, when she had her first crush. Her Senpai. She loved him so much that she began stalking him. And someone, wanted him aswell. She knew this girl did not deserve him. So, in her very sneaky plan, she had murdered this girl. 5 days later, when she was going to confess, he had moved away. If she wasn't insane enough from murdering girl, she snapped and became even more insane. She was so angry, so to vent, she killed a few more people for the fun of it. At Age 16, she found another Senpai, she made sure to keep her to herself. But alas, a male liked the same girl. She killed him. Brutally. At the same age, she was linked to the murder and was sent to prison. A year later, she got out by having a source link a different girl to the crime. Shes 100% insane now, and if she ever has another Senpai, she will do whatever it takes, to get them. They will not have a choice.
Osaka Kadiri(INSANE)

Osaka's Yandere/Insanity Appearence


Name: Osaka Kadiri

Nickname: (You can choose)

Age: 17.

Status: Dead(Killed by Ender with Nether Gun)

Orientation: Bisexual

Home: Tokyo, Japan.

Race: Asian

Gender: Female

Allies: None

Family Members: Unnamed father and mother.

Weapons: Katana, Kitchen Knife.

Loves: None

Likes: Sushi, B̶l̶o̶o̶d̶ Festivals, Christmas, Knifes and Katanas, Sometimes Friends, Kit Kats, Orange Soda, Murdering Rivals

Dislikes: People trying to steal her Senpai, Rivals, Tacos, Butter.

Attributes: Incredibly fast reflexes, Quick in movement, Great Physical Strength, understanding and speaking of Japanese, English.

Weaknesses: Left Eye, Right Leg, Ribs

Weight: 120 lbs.

Height: 5'6


Osaka is an obsessive, insane, steal yo girl(or male) young women. While still being in highschool, she will go the unestimatable lengths to get what she wants. Don't try to even upset her, as you may end up dead the next day. Despite being insane, she can be sometimes sweet, and will try to do things for the greater good.(Even though she likes to murder rivals). Really if you take away the fact that shes a murderer and shes insane, shes a normal average girl.(Actually scratch that) If she loves you, she will want you, and will get you. No matter what your choice is. She gets what she wants.

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