A Void Fighter a good example of End technology

Exitus-Sapien-Nucubianis or simply Nucubians were an Enderman sub-species that was discovered around in 2014 when a case of Endermen touching water without burning were discovered


Very similar to Endermen, Nucubians have couple differences like:

-having a greater resistance to water after being 12 years old

-being notably smaller with an average Nucubian being some centimeters smaller than an average Enderman

-being weaker and slower

-getting more tired when teleporting around

Teleportation Edit

Weaker that that of the Endermen, Nucubians teleportation is possible due to some particles that quickly move vibrate in place, making them able to move at an amazing speed from one place to the other in the blink of an eye, however, Nucubians will fall tired after teleporting to much or to far, making this an ability they can't take great advantage of, plus, it's got some weakness

-electricity: wichh blocks the particles, making them fall stuck between two places, making the users teleport quickly between one place and another, making them a blurry figure

-Cold temeprature: wichh make the particles move slower, making teleportation very hard and slow or even impossible


Nucubian Technology is very mixed, having Ender and Human technology due to them being End people but living in the Overworld, However they archive tier 3 in the Technological Forerunner scale


Once discovered, The Nucubians were hated by the Ender Monarchy, however, they were seen as normal Endermen by the Republic Of Free Endermen.

When the Republic fell, all Nucubians were taken hostage and send to prison-cities all around the island cluster of Darkgam, were they would be treated like animals by the Strength-superior Endermen.

Nucubian Revolution and Darkgam taken over Edit

After 4 months of slavery, a group of Nucubians (helped by Republican remnants) were able to break free of their prison, taking out all the defenses in the area, and moving to take other prisons, in time, an Army of 1000 Nucubians and 2000 Republican remnants took over the city of Kadalaa. 4 bloody months later, the whole cluster had been taken by the now Free Nucubian Republic


After the Revolution, the now Free Nucubian Republic has flourished by its own, showing a great appreciation for arts of all kind, science (geology and astronomy over all others) and a big love for the military life they were forced to adopt due to being attacked by the monarchy several times.

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