The Nucubian army is the army section of the Nucubian Armed Forces. Being composed of several kinds of different troopers and vehicles that share the purpose of attacking and Defending by land


Composed of more then 10,000 units, the Nucubian Army is able to hold themselves during combat. In possession of more than 2000 tanks and vehicles they are known to use several guerrilla-based tactics when fighting greater forces such as the Ender monarchy.


The training starts when a Nucubian citizen older than 15 years decides to sing up for the Armed forces. After a physical and mental test each individual is told weather they will join the Army, Air Force, or the Navy.

If joining the Army, a Nucubian citizen will start a hard physical training to improve his or her abilities, once the basic training is complete a Nucubian will join an army sub-category depending on his/her stats in the basic training


The Army divides in several groups, each group depending on its individuals skills. They are

Soldiers: the most basic and most populated Army group. Light armored and using a variety of weapons which can customized by each individual.

Riders: also called "pilots", the Riders use vehicles to give advantage to infantry forces on the battlefield, these vehicles may vary from light assault Jeeps to heavy armored tanks. A Rider is trained to use any vehicle she/he can come across

Scouts: with little armor, this troopers go behind enemy lines, take any data they can and blow the enemy base up while getting to safety. This troopers receive one of the most intense training in the army

VHVs: named after the legendary Nucubian war hero, this troopers receive the most intense training of all the Armed Forces. Having a stealth armor ale to resist incredible amount of damage, and having a huge variety of weapons they use depending on the situation. A VHV is send when the situation gets to dangerous for normal forces to handle. Having an almost Legendary reputation among Nucubian forces, they are cheered during combat by most forces

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