"Nyaaaaa, Nobody's here." Edit

-Nexo after realizing that a large amount of the shops are closed in the shopping center.

Backstory Edit

At a young age Nexo was abandoned from her parents due to them not wanting to of had a child. She grew up in a science facility where scientists ran multiple experiments on her do to lack of test subjects. She survived through all of them without major casualties. A large portion of them were only temporary but some were permanent. Various experiments caused her to be able to consume large amounts of food or being able to stay up very late without getting tired. At age 12 she began travelling around the world. At age 16 she settled in Genova. At age 21 She ended up at A Tavern.

Bio Edit

Name: Nexodi ----

Nickname: Nexo

Age: 21

Status: Alive

Orientation: Bisexual

Home: Genova, Nexo's residence.

Race: Anthro, Cat, Semi (Lower legs represent that of a normal cat, hands are replaced with paws)

Gender: Female

Allies: Anyone who is friendly to her, anyone who is on the resistance.

Powers: Able to sustain more damage. Strength, Speed, and Sight are increased at Night.

Family Members: Unknown.


Snake, Fires blue fireballs in a sine wave motion and can go through translucent materials.

Super Shotgun, Fires 20 pellets that each do a minor amount of damage. Deadly at close range.

Scottish Handshake, A broken bottle of rum. Very useful for stabbing.

Polaris Extra, Shoots a high frequency wave that can confuse anybody directly hit with it. It's very hard to aim with though.


Loves: Herself

Likes: Refining tech she has built from scratch. Hacking into the enemies computers. Beer.

Dislikes: Pain. Rape. Dubstep. Loud noise. Security. Malware.

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